Who is Mort Fertel?

Mort FertelWho is the founder and author of the Mariage Fitness program that has proven to be able to revive relationship like nothing else?

Most people know Mort Fertel as the marriage savior but he is definitely not your conventional marriage councelor. His approach is indeed a little bit more interactive and involving.

He is recognized for his extensive knoweldge about the psychology and dynamics of relationships and although he doesn’t have an educational background related to psychology or marriage counseling, mental health professionals, marriage therapists and counselors and relationship experts endorse his Marriage Fitness program.

Mort doesn’t only work with couples. He went to the extent of developping programs for individuals whose efforts to save their marriage aren’t reciprocated by their partner. This is not a rare situation and somebody has to consider it. Mort Fertel did just that.

Mort Fertel offers his program in a variety of forms that include:

  • Tele boot camps
  • Home-Flex program
  • Audio Learning System

Mort Fertel in the Media

Mort Fertel is regularly invited to talk radio programs and his unique Marriage Fitness program was features in main stream media and some of the biggest media outlets like:
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  • Chicago Tribune
  • Family Circle
  • Los Angeles Times
  • Huffington Post
  • USA Today
  • Glamour Magazine
  • Psychology Today
  • Women’s Health
  • New York Times
  • Ladies Home Journal
  • Parent & Child Magazine
  • Orlando Sentinel
  • Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Library Journal
  • Toronto Sun
  • Denver Post
  • Baltimore Sun

Mort was also featured on TV on many channels among which:

  • NBC
  • PBS
  • ABC
  • Fox News Network
  • CBS

Former career of Mort Fertel

Mort studied at the University of Pennsylvania and graduated successfully. He then led an international organization (non-profit) and used to run marathons (no wonder he is so patient!).

Mort, his Family and the birth of the Marriage Fitness system

Mort is happily married (duh!) and has been blessed with five children. He is currently a resident of Baltimore MD.

Things were not alawys this bright in the Fertel family though.

At first, Mort and his wife were well connected and lived in a complete synergy. But then, a the family was struck by a tragedy that was bound to change everything. They newly born baby died. He was only one week old. But, as if this was not enough, later Mort’s newborn twin daughters died too.

These two events combined dealt a hard strike to their relationship and destabilized the balance and harmony reigning in the family.

I am sure many people can relate to this situation. It doesn’t have to be as dramatic as death, but tragedies and problems in general (financial or health problems for example) can destroy in seconds what has been build for years. The Fertels are no exception.

Birth of the system

Mort and his wife realized the crisis in which they were soon and tried to save their marriage. Conventionally-suggested solutions such as improving communication, self-help books and marriage counceling didn’t help much. In fact, they deteriorized the situation more than anything else.

But their will to save their marriage helped them keep on trying even when they were on the divorce was imminent… until they had what could be called a “moment of enlightenment”. This is when the Marriage Fitness concept was born.

And here is a real testimonial from a couple that benefited from the Mort’s program

So instead of explaining the details of the program, I would rather let Mort himself do it. Click here to learn more about the Marriage Fitness Program.